I would say I promise to be better at this…..

….but….well….I will try my bestest to keep this blog updated more often.

The last time I wrote on this blog was almost a year ago.  So let me bring you up-to-date with a really quick summary of the last year.  Lots of hiking, some with us and some without.  Feta and I really get mad when they leave us here on a hiking trip.  We have had rain, snow, sleet, ice, sun and then some more rain.  We celebrated Feta’s 5th Birthday and my 6th Birthday.  Christmas was fun with a lot of people here, Grandma and Grandpa, Bob and Connie, Garet and Dusty, Mom, Dad, Abby and Jim.  Lots of people to love on Feta and me and some of them (not mentioning any names) even gave us table scraps, we hope they come back soon.  Abby is getting more annoying loving.  She loves to hug us, kiss us, hang on us, pull our tails and give us treats and food.  I am much more tolerant of her than Feta is, but she is coming around (very slowly).  We added two new members of our family, Yogi and Boo Boo, two betta fish.  Unfortunately, Yogi is no longer with us.  He tried to jump for freedom and well, you can guess the rest.  Boo Boo is enjoying having the tank all to himself and seems to be very happy as part of our family.  Our cousin Sprocket came to visit us, with Kristin.  We always love having him over to play with us.  Abby likes him a lot, but that is only because he is her size.

That is the shortest recap of a year you will ever see.  Like I said before, I hope that is the last time I will ever write one paragraph about a whole year.  So with that said here is what we have been up to for the last month.

Abby and Mom left for Wisconsin right after school got out and then Jim left a week after that, so that left us with Dad.  We love hanging out with Dad, especially when Abby is not around (we pretty much love a lot of things without Abby around).  The only problem with just hanging out with Dad, is that he works long hours 4 days a week.  That meant that Feta and I had a lot of alone time.  Luckily at nights, we had our neighbors Shannon and Sophia to let us out again.  Dad did take us hiking a couple of times, which was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, Feta got hurt on the second hike.  She seemed to be doing really good for most of the hike, but then as we were walking back, she started to slow down.  Both Dad and I thought that her back leg was giving her problems, but when we got to the truck, we noticed she was bleeding.  Dad saw that some of the pads on her feet were raw and bleeding.  Once we got home, Dad took Feta out of the truck and brought her inside and laid her on the couch.  He tried to clean up the paws a little bit, but Feta wasn’t too fond of that idea.  So he just left her there and called Mom to let her know.  She felt bad for both Feta and Dad.  She decided to call Kristin (our cousin and a vet).  Kristin called Dad back and gave him some instructions to keep the wounds dry and clean.  Feta was a little slow for about a week and then started to feel better after that.  The pads on her feet were looking better and she was getting around much quicker.  Dad decided that from now on they would all just sit on the couches so no one got injured again.

Mom and Abby came home a month after they left, and we (Dad, Feta and I) were very happy to see Mom home again.  Oh okay fine, Dad and I were happy to see Abby too.  Feta would have been okay with her staying in WI, but she won’t complain to loudly.

Feta and I heard that Dad and Mom might be going hiking again on Monday, we really hope that we get to go with them.

We promise will try our best to post again next month.

Love to all,
ColbyJack and FetaMae

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