A picture post to catch you up on missed time!!

So it has been a LONG time since I wrote last (July 23, 2011)  Yikes!!   I won’t even start with a sorry, let’s just say life has happened and writing on here, well didn’t!!  A lot has happened since July 2011, so I am not going to write.  This is going to be a picture post.  Our New Years goal is to write every month again.  It is still January  February, so we are starting out good okay!  Really, how hard is it to update this once a month?   Don’t answer that.  So here they are, a few (very few) pictures to get you through the time we missed.


Our usual summer activity—lots of hiking


We also went to the beach.


Abby got to do some swimming, she loved it and Mom hopes to get her into some swim lessons soon!!


Mom and Dad went to Seattle with Dad’s work.  They had a wonderful weekend without us kids!


Abby and me all dressed up for Halloween.  Feta dressed up as a pig, but she hated it and asked to not have the picture on here.  We all thought she was very cute!


Feta turned 6 in November.


Merry Christmas from the kids!


We went sledding at Mt. St. Helens.  So much fun


Colby turned 7 in February.

Baby Frazier 2012 001

They are bringing another one home to drive us crazier!!


Abby went hiking with Dad a lot this year!!  She loves it as much as we do, but she is a lot slower than us!!


More hiking, Mema gets to go with us a lot more now.  Papa and Mema moved out to Washington to be closer to us.  We love having them here


Abby and Mom showing off the belly


The human part of our family, aren’t they cute?

IMG_5110 IMG_5043

Abby turned 3 years old in May.


Feta hiding from fireworks


Their last hike as a family of 3—notice who is missing from this picture??   Feta and I were actually on this hike, not sure why we are not in the picture?


Jacob Robert  July 16, 2012


10.5 pounds 21.5 inches!!  He is a keeper, we just hope he likes to feed us like Abby does.


We got to meet Jacob and Abby holds him for the 1st time, we both wanted about 5 seconds of him!!   It has gotten better 🙂

DSC_0799-001     cropped-img_54013.jpg

Dad took Abby hiking (again without us) and then we had a kids photo session!!  Aren’t we cute  🙂


Family photo (notice who is missing????)


So glad to have the entire Tessmer family living out here   (again, do you see some missing family members?)  Feta also turned 7 in November.


Merry Christmas


Jacob, ROCK STAR, pre-haircut.


Jacob post-haircut, rocking the faux hawk.

Lori and Amy

Mommy went to Florida to be in her best friends wedding!!  We missed her a lot, but was glad that she got to go.



IMG_6303 IMG_6313

The girls—Abby and Feta   and the boys —Jacob and Colby


Abby and Jacob all dressed up in outfits from Aunt Janet and Jenny.


They do love playing together, so far they are nice to each other 🙂


Happy 8th Birthday to Colby.  Abby got dressed up for my birthday and gave me lots of love and extra treats today!


Jacob is 7 months old and Abby is 3 years here.

IMG_6498 IMG_6500

Abby and her dogs!  Everyone got treats after these pictures because we all sat so nicely!

That was a lot of pictures and way too much time in between this post and the last (over a year and a half).  Love to all.


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