12 years of slobbery love!

Feta writing here — I knew this day would come. The day when I become the only dog in the house and the new blog writer.   It still makes me sad.

I was his sister, his friend (but only when I wanted to be), his doctor (ear/nose/throat) and his hunting buddy, although we didn’t catch much — just the one bunny in the park years ago.   Colby had a wonderful life with his human family.  They treated him like one of their own, which I always thought was just the weirdest thing, especially since he loved it so much.   He would rather be with the humans than be with any dog.  Okay, I like them a bit too, but just when I want to.

Colby and I had so many fun adventures together, met so many people, dogs and cats along the way.   From San Antonio to Austin, trips to Wisconsin, and then moving to Washington.  Hiking, biking, swimming, sledding, and so much more.   My favorite cat meeting was in Austin, we were on a walk with Mom and came up to the end of a fence.  Well I knew there was something behind that fence, but Colby, oblivious as ever, didn’t.  He stuck his nose around the corner and found the sharp ends of a cat with that nose!!   I laughed and laughed about that, I still am laughing actually.

Colby was always such a strong muscular dog, and to see him lose that muscle in the end (pun intended — his butt was so skinny) was so very sad.  I could see the playfulness in his eyes, he always wanted to play with and sniff other dogs, but his body wouldn’t let him.  His mind was still a young pup, his body was an old dog.   I am, however, loving going out for our walks again, we are finally walking faster than those slugs around us!!  Although I miss being able to point out cats to him and talk about all the fun smells of the neighborhood.

It is weird being here as the only dog, I am the only protector of the family now, especially the littles.   Shhhh…. don’t tell Abby and Jacob how much I love them, but I really do.  They treat me so nice (most of the time), give me treats, hugs, love, toys and whatever else they think I need.  I pretend to be annoyed by it most of the time, but I really do love the attention.   They loved Colby too, it was more of a distant love though. They really didn’t like his slobbery, drooly face.   They would have loved him so much and had so much fun with him when he was younger.   Those three would have been best buddies, tiring each other out every day.  I would have stayed on the side, ignoring them, most of the time.

Life is different here, quieter, less smelly, not as drooly.   I can tell you that we will get used to our new normal, but we will forever have that big lug in our hearts!!

TaTa for now — Maybe I will be better about writing this blog, but I won’t make any promises, there is a big backyard of bunnies to supervise.  I take that job very seriously!!

Love — FetaMae

P.S. Here is Colby’s last letter to Mom


I wanted to write you a letter but I can’t write so I had to ask Dad to help.  Dad said he would help me, but for some reason his eyes are leaking as he is writing this for me.

I wanted to tell you how much I love you and how lucky I have been to have you as my mommy.  From that first wink until the last time that we get to see each other I’ve loved you as much as a doggie can.

From our time together in Texas, our trips to Wisconsin, and the move to Washington we have had so many adventures.  You’ve cuddled me, let me sit in your lap, let me sleep on your bed (I’m still mad at Dad for ending that, that’s why I like to toot by his desk), given me lots and lots of food, taught me how to swim, played with me in the snow, took me to the beach and the scary waves, taken me hiking, played with me at the park, taken me for walks, let me eat peanut butter and Cheetos, taken me for bike rides, and all the other fun things we have done over the years.

I still don’t understand all of the decisions you have made, like adding extra people to our family.  I thought things were perfect when it was just you and me, but then you added Feta, then Dad, then Abby and Jacob.  But even though it means that I have to share you with them, I still love them.

I know you are sad that I am going away, and I wish I could do something to make you feel better.  I’m sad too, but I’m looking forward to this next adventure because I know I’ll be able to run again and chase after all those rabbits.  I have lived a wonderful life and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

Thank you for being my mommy, I love you.

Colby Jack

PS – I’m sorry that Dad makes me say things sometimes that you don’t like.  He thinks he is funny, but we know he isn’t.


ColbyJack ~~  February 13, 2005 ~ July 28, 2017





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