12 years of slobbery love!

Feta writing here — I knew this day would come. The day when I become the only dog in the house and the new blog writer.   It still makes me sad.

I was his sister, his friend (but only when I wanted to be), his doctor (ear/nose/throat) and his hunting buddy, although we didn’t catch much — just the one bunny in the park years ago.   Colby had a wonderful life with his human family.  They treated him like one of their own, which I always thought was just the weirdest thing, especially since he loved it so much.   He would rather be with the humans than be with any dog.  Okay, I like them a bit too, but just when I want to.

Colby and I had so many fun adventures together, met so many people, dogs and cats along the way.   From San Antonio to Austin, trips to Wisconsin, and then moving to Washington.  Hiking, biking, swimming, sledding, and so much more.   My favorite cat meeting was in Austin, we were on a walk with Mom and came up to the end of a fence.  Well I knew there was something behind that fence, but Colby, oblivious as ever, didn’t.  He stuck his nose around the corner and found the sharp ends of a cat with that nose!!   I laughed and laughed about that, I still am laughing actually.

Colby was always such a strong muscular dog, and to see him lose that muscle in the end (pun intended — his butt was so skinny) was so very sad.  I could see the playfulness in his eyes, he always wanted to play with and sniff other dogs, but his body wouldn’t let him.  His mind was still a young pup, his body was an old dog.   I am, however, loving going out for our walks again, we are finally walking faster than those slugs around us!!  Although I miss being able to point out cats to him and talk about all the fun smells of the neighborhood.

It is weird being here as the only dog, I am the only protector of the family now, especially the littles.   Shhhh…. don’t tell Abby and Jacob how much I love them, but I really do.  They treat me so nice (most of the time), give me treats, hugs, love, toys and whatever else they think I need.  I pretend to be annoyed by it most of the time, but I really do love the attention.   They loved Colby too, it was more of a distant love though. They really didn’t like his slobbery, drooly face.   They would have loved him so much and had so much fun with him when he was younger.   Those three would have been best buddies, tiring each other out every day.  I would have stayed on the side, ignoring them, most of the time.

Life is different here, quieter, less smelly, not as drooly.   I can tell you that we will get used to our new normal, but we will forever have that big lug in our hearts!!

TaTa for now — Maybe I will be better about writing this blog, but I won’t make any promises, there is a big backyard of bunnies to supervise.  I take that job very seriously!!

Love — FetaMae

P.S. Here is Colby’s last letter to Mom


I wanted to write you a letter but I can’t write so I had to ask Dad to help.  Dad said he would help me, but for some reason his eyes are leaking as he is writing this for me.

I wanted to tell you how much I love you and how lucky I have been to have you as my mommy.  From that first wink until the last time that we get to see each other I’ve loved you as much as a doggie can.

From our time together in Texas, our trips to Wisconsin, and the move to Washington we have had so many adventures.  You’ve cuddled me, let me sit in your lap, let me sleep on your bed (I’m still mad at Dad for ending that, that’s why I like to toot by his desk), given me lots and lots of food, taught me how to swim, played with me in the snow, took me to the beach and the scary waves, taken me hiking, played with me at the park, taken me for walks, let me eat peanut butter and Cheetos, taken me for bike rides, and all the other fun things we have done over the years.

I still don’t understand all of the decisions you have made, like adding extra people to our family.  I thought things were perfect when it was just you and me, but then you added Feta, then Dad, then Abby and Jacob.  But even though it means that I have to share you with them, I still love them.

I know you are sad that I am going away, and I wish I could do something to make you feel better.  I’m sad too, but I’m looking forward to this next adventure because I know I’ll be able to run again and chase after all those rabbits.  I have lived a wonderful life and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

Thank you for being my mommy, I love you.

Colby Jack

PS – I’m sorry that Dad makes me say things sometimes that you don’t like.  He thinks he is funny, but we know he isn’t.


ColbyJack ~~  February 13, 2005 ~ July 28, 2017





A picture post to catch you up on missed time!!

So it has been a LONG time since I wrote last (July 23, 2011)  Yikes!!   I won’t even start with a sorry, let’s just say life has happened and writing on here, well didn’t!!  A lot has happened since July 2011, so I am not going to write.  This is going to be a picture post.  Our New Years goal is to write every month again.  It is still January  February, so we are starting out good okay!  Really, how hard is it to update this once a month?   Don’t answer that.  So here they are, a few (very few) pictures to get you through the time we missed.


Our usual summer activity—lots of hiking


We also went to the beach.


Abby got to do some swimming, she loved it and Mom hopes to get her into some swim lessons soon!!


Mom and Dad went to Seattle with Dad’s work.  They had a wonderful weekend without us kids!


Abby and me all dressed up for Halloween.  Feta dressed up as a pig, but she hated it and asked to not have the picture on here.  We all thought she was very cute!


Feta turned 6 in November.


Merry Christmas from the kids!


We went sledding at Mt. St. Helens.  So much fun


Colby turned 7 in February.

Baby Frazier 2012 001

They are bringing another one home to drive us crazier!!


Abby went hiking with Dad a lot this year!!  She loves it as much as we do, but she is a lot slower than us!!


More hiking, Mema gets to go with us a lot more now.  Papa and Mema moved out to Washington to be closer to us.  We love having them here


Abby and Mom showing off the belly


The human part of our family, aren’t they cute?

IMG_5110 IMG_5043

Abby turned 3 years old in May.


Feta hiding from fireworks


Their last hike as a family of 3—notice who is missing from this picture??   Feta and I were actually on this hike, not sure why we are not in the picture?


Jacob Robert  July 16, 2012


10.5 pounds 21.5 inches!!  He is a keeper, we just hope he likes to feed us like Abby does.


We got to meet Jacob and Abby holds him for the 1st time, we both wanted about 5 seconds of him!!   It has gotten better 🙂

DSC_0799-001     cropped-img_54013.jpg

Dad took Abby hiking (again without us) and then we had a kids photo session!!  Aren’t we cute  🙂


Family photo (notice who is missing????)


So glad to have the entire Tessmer family living out here   (again, do you see some missing family members?)  Feta also turned 7 in November.


Merry Christmas


Jacob, ROCK STAR, pre-haircut.


Jacob post-haircut, rocking the faux hawk.

Lori and Amy

Mommy went to Florida to be in her best friends wedding!!  We missed her a lot, but was glad that she got to go.



IMG_6303 IMG_6313

The girls—Abby and Feta   and the boys —Jacob and Colby


Abby and Jacob all dressed up in outfits from Aunt Janet and Jenny.


They do love playing together, so far they are nice to each other 🙂


Happy 8th Birthday to Colby.  Abby got dressed up for my birthday and gave me lots of love and extra treats today!


Jacob is 7 months old and Abby is 3 years here.

IMG_6498 IMG_6500

Abby and her dogs!  Everyone got treats after these pictures because we all sat so nicely!

That was a lot of pictures and way too much time in between this post and the last (over a year and a half).  Love to all.

I would say I promise to be better at this…..

….but….well….I will try my bestest to keep this blog updated more often.

The last time I wrote on this blog was almost a year ago.  So let me bring you up-to-date with a really quick summary of the last year.  Lots of hiking, some with us and some without.  Feta and I really get mad when they leave us here on a hiking trip.  We have had rain, snow, sleet, ice, sun and then some more rain.  We celebrated Feta’s 5th Birthday and my 6th Birthday.  Christmas was fun with a lot of people here, Grandma and Grandpa, Bob and Connie, Garet and Dusty, Mom, Dad, Abby and Jim.  Lots of people to love on Feta and me and some of them (not mentioning any names) even gave us table scraps, we hope they come back soon.  Abby is getting more annoying loving.  She loves to hug us, kiss us, hang on us, pull our tails and give us treats and food.  I am much more tolerant of her than Feta is, but she is coming around (very slowly).  We added two new members of our family, Yogi and Boo Boo, two betta fish.  Unfortunately, Yogi is no longer with us.  He tried to jump for freedom and well, you can guess the rest.  Boo Boo is enjoying having the tank all to himself and seems to be very happy as part of our family.  Our cousin Sprocket came to visit us, with Kristin.  We always love having him over to play with us.  Abby likes him a lot, but that is only because he is her size.

That is the shortest recap of a year you will ever see.  Like I said before, I hope that is the last time I will ever write one paragraph about a whole year.  So with that said here is what we have been up to for the last month.

Abby and Mom left for Wisconsin right after school got out and then Jim left a week after that, so that left us with Dad.  We love hanging out with Dad, especially when Abby is not around (we pretty much love a lot of things without Abby around).  The only problem with just hanging out with Dad, is that he works long hours 4 days a week.  That meant that Feta and I had a lot of alone time.  Luckily at nights, we had our neighbors Shannon and Sophia to let us out again.  Dad did take us hiking a couple of times, which was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, Feta got hurt on the second hike.  She seemed to be doing really good for most of the hike, but then as we were walking back, she started to slow down.  Both Dad and I thought that her back leg was giving her problems, but when we got to the truck, we noticed she was bleeding.  Dad saw that some of the pads on her feet were raw and bleeding.  Once we got home, Dad took Feta out of the truck and brought her inside and laid her on the couch.  He tried to clean up the paws a little bit, but Feta wasn’t too fond of that idea.  So he just left her there and called Mom to let her know.  She felt bad for both Feta and Dad.  She decided to call Kristin (our cousin and a vet).  Kristin called Dad back and gave him some instructions to keep the wounds dry and clean.  Feta was a little slow for about a week and then started to feel better after that.  The pads on her feet were looking better and she was getting around much quicker.  Dad decided that from now on they would all just sit on the couches so no one got injured again.

Mom and Abby came home a month after they left, and we (Dad, Feta and I) were very happy to see Mom home again.  Oh okay fine, Dad and I were happy to see Abby too.  Feta would have been okay with her staying in WI, but she won’t complain to loudly.

Feta and I heard that Dad and Mom might be going hiking again on Monday, we really hope that we get to go with them.

We promise will try our best to post again next month.

Love to all,
ColbyJack and FetaMae

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Spring and Summer 2010

Here we are again, writing after a 6 month hiatus.  We have been so busy we just never had time to write.  Oh who am I kidding, I just haven’t taken the time.   I have been too lazy to write.  What I am a dog, I can be lazy if I want to be lazy.   Don’t you wish you could just lay around doing nothing all day.  Oh the life of a dog is pretty darn good. 

Let’s see where did we leave off.  Oh yeah—it was my 5th birthday.  Guess what I have been doing since my 5th birthday.  I have been dieting, not that I wanted to, but I was forced to diet.   I went to the vet and was weighed in at 122.  I thought it was awesome, I was the big dog I always dreamed I would be.  Well other people (Dad, Mom, the vet, and others) were saying how much I gained.  That I was looking a little too big.  How does a dog like me ever look too big?   But since I have no control over my food (darn these paws of mine)  Dad and Mom reduced my breakfast and dinners.  I really thought I was going to die of starvation before every meal.  Even Feta (who also was on a diet, I wasn’t the only chunky monkey in the house) would get worked up before we ate.  We changed food during this time, and now Feta loves to eat, she might be a normal dog after all.   Feta and I had a vet appt. last week and guess what???  The diet worked, I was down to 96lbs and Feta lost about 7 pounds.  I almost hate to admit this, but I think the diet was good for me.  I feel like I can run faster, jump higher and overall just feel more like my old self.   Don’t ever tell Mom and Dad that.   Feta says she is feeling better also.  Mom and Dad have started to give me just a bit more food, they decided that I probably don’t need to lose anymore weight, I just need to maintain. I don’t even care what that means, I am just happy to have more food.   Feta is still on her diet, she can’t have too much weight on her back leg, we want it to stay healthy and strong for a long time.  

Abigail is growing like crazy—she turned 1 on May 6, 2010.  We are getting used to being around her more and more.  She can walk and is almost running now.  We have fun “playing” with her outside.  She loves to pick up a ball outside and throw it to me.  It doesn’t go very far yet, but I know soon I will be chasing the ball down the hill.   Occasionally she gets in my way and I accidentally knock he over.  I never mean to do it, it’s just when someone is playing with me I get so excited I don’t pay attention to anything else.   She is also eating more big people food than before, which is very good for us dogs.  Abby isn’t the cleanest eater, she sometimes throws food on the ground, some times on accident and sometimes of purpose.  She really likes to feed Feta and me.  Mom and Dad don’t like it when she does that, so now we have to be out of sight from her while she is eating.  After she is done eating, we get to go in and be the clean-up crew.  Sometimes when she is having a snack downstairs, she sneaks us some of her snack.  We love her for that.   She still likes to climb on me, but if she feeds me every now and again, I will be her jungle gym. 

Uncle Jim has moved in with us also, it is nice to have someone else around.  One more body to lay next to, and he loves it soooo much (not really).   Mom, Abby and Uncle Jim went to Texas for 10 days in July, which left us with Dad.  We had a great time, except for the times when he went to work.  We had to be here all alone.  Good thing we had our neighbor Shannon there to play with us. 

Overall it is has been a good year.  We hope for more good times throughout the rest of the year.   Mom starts work again in September, so we will be left alone again.  Do you feel bad for us?  Well you should.

Love to all, 

Colby and Feta. 



Happy 5th Birthday Colby Jack

5 years have gone by so quickly.  You came to me as an 8 pound tiny puppy and now you are a 110 pound grown dog.  Everyday you show me your love and loyalty.  I look forward to many more years with you.  
I love you Colby Jack, you will always be my first baby.
Love Mom
P.S. This used to have music, but copyright laws won’t let me keep it.  So you just get the pictures and three videos.  Sing a song in your head. 


November 29th was my 4th birthday.  It was a good birthday, even though everyone, except Colby, forgot to tell me Happy Birthday.  I forgive them though, they did have a long weekend (without us).  Dad, Mom and Abigail left us at a pet resort while they went to Bandon, OR.  We enjoy going to the resort, but we don’t get a lot of sleep.  There are always a lot of dogs crying at night (Colby).  It does make me feel better that Dad and Mom didn’t get good sleep either.  I guess their beds were terrible.  Abigail on the other hand slept like a …. well a baby. 

Things around the Frazier household have been going pretty good.  Abigail is still here and getting around a lot better these days.  She went from a crying, non-moving baby, to a crawling, goofy girl.  She likes to crawl right up to Colby and me and try to touch us.  She can even pull herself up to standing by the couches.  Colby lets her get away with some of that stuff.  I have been keeping my distance, unless Mom or Dad is right there to supervise. 

Colby writing here now. October, November,December and January have come and gone, obviously without posting Feta’s birthday blog.  We actually have been celebrating her birthday for the last 3 months!!   In December Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Jim came to visit.  They all came in on Christmas Day.  Luckily the winter weather held off just long enough to let them all get here on time.  We were very happy to have them here, that meant three more people to give us more love and scratches.  They loved being here and loved spending time with their three grandchildren.  On New Years Eve, we invited Sprocket, Matt, Kristin and Melissa over.  We had a great time playing with Sprocket and everyone else had fun playing games and eating.  We all got midnight kisses and then we fell asleep.   In January, Abigail turned 8 months old.  She is getting bigger and faster all the time.  Feta still keeps her distance, even though Abigail loves her.  She gets so excited to see her, she laughs and dances every time she sees Feta.  She loves me too, using me as her personal jungle gym.  I normally don’t mind, but sometimes she tries it when I am sleeping and well that just isn’t cool.  

It is February now and my birthday was yesterday (13th).  Mom made me a 5 year video montage.  We will put it up right after we put this up.  

Happy Valentines day everyone. 

Love, Colby Jack and Feta Mae

P.S.   Enjoy the pictures

Colby writing here now. October, November,

If Feta could drive a car…..from Amy’s point of view

Have you seen the commercial for Bud Light called Dog Training?   The one with the driving poodle.  Joe and I were talking about what it would be like if Feta were ever given the chance to drive.  We decided that would be a very bad idea, very bad.  Here is what we think would happen.  (This is not an advertisment for Bud Light– we are not promoting you to go out and buy Bud Light, we are hoping you get to see that commercial though, it is pretty funny). 

Setting the scene: Feta in the driver’s seat, checking the mirrors (not for seeing outside, just checking out her cuteness), setting the radio to her favorite station and buckling up (it is the law).  Colby is sitting in the front passenger seat.  He has already buckled up, checked the mirrors, and turned down the music (which Feta turns up as soon as he turns it down).  Colby is reminding Feta of all the rules of driving a car, she nods her head while chewing on a chew toy (Colby probably thinks she is listening to him, but she is nodding her head to the music).  Feta starts the car, trying to ignore Colby’s constant directions, and pulls out onto the street, squealing the tires.  Colby starts his crying and yelling at Feta; ‘”SLOW DOWN, YOU ARE GOING TOO FAST, FETA- YOU ARE GOING TO GET IN TROUBLE, SLOW DOWN.  FETA WATCH OUT FOR THAT.. FETA YOU JUST RAN THAT STOP SIGN.  FETA, I AM GOING TO GET SICK.  THAT’S IT, I AM MOVING TO THE BACK SEAT.”  Feta pulls the car over to the side of the road, right side of car is up on the curb.  “Colby, zip it you big chicken dog. Get in the back seat and stop yelling at me."  Colby quickly unbuckles and climbs into the back seat, where he buckles up and then wraps the blanket that is back there around his body.  He also puts his head between his knees, just in case he gets sick. 

Feta pulls of the curb and starts on her journey.  First destination, every dog in the neighborhood that looked at her the wrong way or said something rude to her or Colby.  She doesn’t want to kill them, just teach them a lesson and maybe maim them a little.  “Let’s see how well they handle being a three-legged dog!”  After she teaches the neighborhood dogs their lessons, she decides to go hunting for rabbits and kitty cats.  Once she spots one, she goes after it, whether it is on the road or off road, she assumes that since she is an ATP (all-terrain puppy) so is the car.  Once she feels satisfied in her hunting she gets back on the road and starts to head home.  She can’t stand the crying in the backseat, plus the smell is getting to her (Colby may have had an accident or two). 

Once back at home Feta gets out of the car and then has to help Colby out of the back seat.  Colby kisses the ground and then runs in the house to tell on Feta.  Feta strolls into the house like nothing happened.  She walks over to the deck door and plays princess.  She thinks her cuteness will get her out of the whole thing.  Once confronted with all that happened she will roll her eyes and blame the whole thing on Colby. 


Colby here now.  What do you think?  Can you see sweet little Feta doing that?   Yeah, she isn’t as sweet as she looks.  Things here in the Frazier household are going good.  Feta and I are not looking forward to the cold, rainy season.  We are hoping that it snows again so we can play in it.  We had a lot of fun last year.  Abigail is getting bigger and we are liking her a little bit more.  She is getting used to us and we are getting used to her.  She reaches out to pet us and even lets us give her kisses, which Mom stops very quickly. 

Some things thave happened since the last post.  Grandpa & Grandma Tessmer and Great-Grandma all came out to visit us.  We had a lot of fun with them. Abigail turned 4 months old in September then we all turned around and she was already 5 months old.  We have been on a couple of hikes (not nearly enough though), Abigail is scooting backwards on the floor and sitting up.  She is really finding her voice, her first words are da da da da da da. 

It is getting late, I need to get some sleep.  Love to all.  Enjoy some pictures. 

Summer update

We have been pretty… ummm.. busy?  Ever since Abigail has been born, I haven’t really had much time to update my blog.  It is hard work being a guard dog (side note from Amy, Colby isn’t so much a guard dog yet, as a "I need to be close to Mommy or Daddy" dog).   Here is a summary of what we have done over the last 2 months. 

June – on the 6th Abigail turned one month old.  She has been gaining weight, but most of her growth is in length.  She is going to be long and lean like Mom, Dad and me, Feta isn’t so much long as shorter and getting leaner the more she loses her winter fur.  Feta and I have gotten more used to her being here.  Dad, his brothers, and his Dad put a roof over our deck.  Now Feta and I (mostly Feta) can go out on the deck whenever we want to, rain or shine.  Now we are hoping that we will get some steps so that we can go down to the grass from the deck.  Dad said that will happen in the future.  Grandma came to meet Abby and watch her for the three weeks that Mom went back to work.  It was great to have her here again.  She got bit by a dog when she was taking Abby for a walk one day.  The dog that bit her was the same one that kept trying to attack Feta and me.  We haven’t seen the dog since that day.  We are sorry that Grandma got bit, but happy that the dog is gone.  Kristin and Matt came to visit us for a weekend.  Kristin had an interview for a job in Vancouver (she got the job—woohoo).  We had fun with them.  We got to go biking with Dad and Matt.  So much fun.    Abigail, Grandma and Mom went up to Mt. Hood.  This was the first time that Abigail has been to a mountain.  She was a very good little climber.  We also had some of Mom’s family come visit us.  We had 7 extra people in our house, which means 7 extra people to give us some love and play with us.  One of the guests was a very little person, just a bit bigger than Abby.  He was pretty fun at first, because he was at our level, easier for us to sniff and kiss, but then things changed.  He started to move around fast and got sort of loud and well, Feta and I did what we could to distance ourselves from this kid.  At one point, this kid had the nerve to sit on me, right on my front shoulders (see picture), and you know what the grown-ups did, they laughed at him.  I was so scared of what he would do to me, I just laid there and didn’t move.  I was hoping that if he thought I was dead, he would get off of me!!  Instead of getting off of me, he actually decided to move closer to my head and he tried to suffocate me (side note from Mom- Dylan did sit on Colby’s shoulder, but he accidentally slid down to Colby’s neck and his Grandpa took him off right away, he did not try to kill Colby.  Colby can be a bit over-dramatic at times).   Other than that death-defying moment, it was great to have the family there and we were all a little sad to see them leave so soon. 


July–  On June 30th Mom, Grandma and Abby left for Wisconsin.  This was going to be Abby’s first plane ride and Mom was a little nervous.  She was hoping that Abby would be a good baby and not cry on the airplane.  Abigail was a perfect traveler.   This left us home with Daddy, and although we missed Mom (and Abigail) we loved hanging out with Dad.  Grandpa T and Uncle Jim finally got to meet Abigail.  They fell in love with her all over again.  I am sure that they really wished Feta and I were there also, but Abigail would have to do for now.  They will get to see us soon. Mom and Abby did not get a lot of rest on their vacation.  You would think this was because Abby didn’t sleep well at night, but it wasn’t.  Abigail actually decided that during this vacation she would sleep up to 9 hours at night.   What a good baby (why didn’t she do that at home, instead of waking us up?) The lack of rest was because of all the people that they wanted to see, which meant a lot of go, go, going.  Abby got to meet a lot of her relatives and Amy’s friends.  It was great to see everyone again.  They also had a baby shower/cookout for Abigail.  Abby got a lot of stuff, so much stuff, Mom couldn’t bring it all home with her.  Grandma and Grandpa will be bringing it here when they come in Sept. Abigail celebrated her 2 month birthday with donuts brought over by a cousin.  Can you believe she has been in our family for 2 whole months?  During this trip to WI, Abigail kind of did something cool.  She rolled over (sort of).  Before she left, she would lay on her belly and kind of rock around and even turn herself so she was facing a different direction.  Well one day, she rocked so hard that she rolled/fell over.  Mom was so excited about it.  I don’t know why rolling over is so exciting.  I can roll over, sort of, and Mom never got so excited about that!  Whatever Mom!!   Mom even tried to get a video of her rolling over, seriously  Mom, not that big of a deal, geesh.  Since then, she has rolled over 3 more times.  Abby also got her very first haircut by her Aunt Janet, she did a great job and Abby was a good little girl.  She also found her tongue, and now she can’t stop sticking her tongue out and playing with it.  It is pretty funny to watch her now.  Mom and Abby had a great trip, but were excited to get back to Dad, Feta and I, just as much as we were ready to have them back with us. 




We had fun taking pictures once Mom and Abby got home.  We have included some of our favorites. 


Hopefully it won’t take me another 2 months to update this blog again, but I can’t make any promises. We have Aunt Lori and Holly coming at the beginning of August, hopefully Uncle Jim will be here in August, and then Grandpa and Grandma T will be here at the beginning of Sept.  So many fun people, so little time to write. 

Love to all

Colby, Feta and Abigail. 

Our little sister, Abigail, is here…

… and we kind of want her to go back.


Who knew that Cinco de Mayo would bring about such a big change to our family of four.  Mom and Dad went out for Mexican food, to celebrate the day, and Mom said her tummy was not feeling right.  Dad ordered a margarita, I know how rude, drinking that in front of Mom when she couldn’t have one, and Mom said that it would be funny if she went into labor and then would have had to drive herself to the hospital (No Drinking and Driving).  They went home and Mom was starting to feel more pains, but thought nothing much of it.  She was sure that the baby wasn’t going to come on it’s own since it was almost two weeks overdue at that point.  She was going to be induced the next morning anyway.  Dad and her went to bed, to get one last good night’s sleep.  Mom laid in bed for about an hour, counting the contractions and feeling them more and more.  She then got up and walked around the house, dealing with the pain.  At about 2 am, Mom finally had enough of the contractions, they were right on top of each other at that point.  She went in to the bedroom to wake Dad up and told him to get ready, they needed to go to the hospital.  He was very excited.  He did however take time to shower, eat breakfast, and do a couple other things, until Mom said, WE NEED TO GO.  They got to the hospital, checked in, got their room and Mom got all hooked up.  The contraction monitor showed exactly what Mom was feeling, 1-1.5 minute contractions right on top of each other, she was also already 2 cm dilated.  Mom was very happy, she was going to be very upset if what she was feeling was false labor.  Mom was doing pretty good controlling the contractions, until her back started to hurt, consistently.  She then asked for the epidural.  Before she got the epidural she was 5cm and by the time the epidural was done she was 7cm.  By 8am she was fully dilated and ready to push.  Mom said pushing was harder than she expected, but she really didn’t know what to expect.  She yelled at Dad a couple of times, because he wasn’t fanning her enough (it was warm in there and she was working hard).  He said his arm was getting tired and he needed a break, Mom didn’t find him funny.  She did say that he was a very good labor coach, but next time they are switching jobs. 

9:31 am, Abigail Jean Frazier joined the world and made her Mommy and Daddy very happy.   She was 9lbs 2 oz., and 21.5 inches long.  She looked happy and healthy and Mom was very happy to be holding her little girl.  Dad watched her get cleaned up and then he got to hold her.  He was amazed that the little girl he was holding was his. 




Feta and I were very upset that Mom hadn’t been home for three days, we were very worried about her.  She seemed to be in pain when she left us, then Dad kept coming home and never brought Mom with him.  I thought maybe he got rid of her.  I love Dad, but, well, Mom is Mom!!   Three days later, Mom finally came home and we were very happy to see her.  Then we saw the little one. 

Sure she is cute and all, but boy does she take up a lot of Mom’s time.  I know Mom is trying to give us lots of love, but when she has Abigail with her, she has a hard time giving us her full attention.  Mom says that this will not be a forever thing, but I don’t know, it seems like forever already. 

Every time Abigail cries, I am right there by her side, wondering why she is making that noise.  Feta likes to mimic her, by crying with her.  

Feta crying with Abby 
 *** (This video disappeared and I can’t get it back on here.  Sorry– it was a cute one)***


Feta wasn’t sure what Abby was, she was very cautiously sniffing her.  She finally assumed that she was harmless, and went about her own business.

I was a little bit more curious about her.  I knew that she was something that I would have to protect and care for.  I don’t know how I will do it, but I will give it my best.

Here I am protecting her already.  Feta is still very cautious.

Protecting her and the monkey mat. 

Family photo—notice where my nose is?  NOT VERY MUCH IN THE PICTURE!!  You can see where we stand now.  (There will be a better family photo once we get someone here to help us take a picture of all of us). 

Mom giving her new BABY love, where is my love Mom?

I am guarding her room.  Every time Mom or Dad goes in there with Abigail, I lay outside the door.  We don’t want any strangers to enter her room.

Feta keeping her distance, safely away from the scariness/loudness that is Abigail. 

We are slowly getting used to the idea that she is part of our lives now.  No one seems to be coming to get her.  Dad says that we will have lots of fun with her when she is older.  We want to know when that will be, we don’t want to wait forever.  We want to play with her now.   Watching Mom and Dad spend all their time with her is really hard.  I try to get as close as possible to either of them when they are holding her.

I got to go… she is crying again, I need to see what is wrong with her. 

Love you all, you need to come and visit our little sister, and play with us.