Last month before the little one joins us.

April is/was (depending on when you read this) the last month that we had to spend with just the 4 of us (Dad, Mom, Colby and Feta).  Soon our little brother or sister will be here, and I am sure it will cause all kinds of trouble.  

At the beginning of the month, Grandma Tessmer and Uncle Jim were here to hang out with us.  We had a lot of fun with them, when they weren’t driving to Portland and back.  They bought lots of little stuff and put it in that room that Mom said is the babies room.   I am still wondering what this baby thing is going to be.  Feta and I are very curious. 


Grandma and Uncle Jim at Byways cafe 


Dad, Mom and Uncle Jim waiting for their yummy breakfast.  If you ever make it to Portland, you have to stop in to try their amaretto french toast.

 We also took some family pictures.  Dad and Mom said that we did a really good job, we got some treats since we were so good.    




Uncle Jim, Mom and Grandma


Grandma flew all the way out here to feel the baby move, the baby didn’t let her down.

Dad took Uncle Jim on a bike ride and took us with them.  We all had a lot of fun and got really dirty, which we love to do.


Watch out, here we come.


Uncle Jim and us riding!!


Dad, Uncle Jim, Feta and Colby at the end of the ride    

Colby getting showered off after the ride.  


Tired and dirty Feta

Since Grandma and Uncle Jim have left, Mom and Dad have been working around the house.  Some of it to prepare for the little baby and some of it just to get done before baby comes. 


Large rocks at bottom of driveway.  Dad dug out all the grass around them (with help from the neighbors tractor and then added some river rock.  It looks so good.


Mom setting up some of the baby stuff.  Colby making sure she knows that he is still her baby.


Pictures of the nursery

Dad took Feta and me on a really long bike ride (almost 2.5 hours) and we were all pretty sore after that.  Especially Feta, it took her a couple days to recover.  That back leg wasn’t ready for that long bike ride.  She is doing much better now.


Dad and Feta recovering from their long ride.

Mom has been home from work for a week now, and we thought that we would get lots of playing time with her.  Unfortunately it has been pretty rainy and Mom waddles a lot, so playing has been minimal.

   Mom at 40 weeks (as of April 24th)

Dad and me wearing matching shirts.

 Feta’s ‘I didn’t do it look’.  Do you believe her?


Today is Mom’s original due date (April 24th was what the ultrasound measurements said the due date was), so Dad and Mom are waiting for the little one to arrive.  The next post will have pictures of this thing called a baby and of course us, it is our blog.  Mom asked me to ask you to wish her a quick and painless delivery, whatever that means.  

Love to all,

Colby and Feta


Spring brings good things!!

It is almost spring here and already good things have come to us.  The weather is getting nicer each week, which means more outside time for us.  Biking with Dad today was so much fun.  The time also changed, so more daylight at night means more play time outside with Mom.  The bunnies are also making their appearance.  You know how much we love to chase those hoppity-hoppities.   Unfortunately the ticks have also made their arrival.  Dad and Mom are not too happy about that.  Feta and I have promised to not let them ride on us anymore. 

For some reason, this spring is making Mom’s belly get bigger, which makes it harder to cuddle with her.  Her belly also moves around, which just freaks us out.  Dad and Mom also have been bringing home small clothes and items that we have never seen before.  Feta and I have put our sniffers in overdrive.  I know these things are here for a purpose, but I just don’t know what it is yet.  Mom does look cute with her basketball belly, but I miss cuddling on her lap. 

I have included some pictures of Feta and me, Mom and some of the stuff that we have been sniffing.  The next post should be after Grandma and Uncle Jim come here to visit.  We plan to have lots of pictures and fun with them.

I am thinking that one of these posts soon will show off the big surprise.  So stay tuned for more pictures.  Mom said that I am going to have to share my blog space with my new brother/sister.  I am still not happy that Feta gets to use this blog, so I am not happy with this information.   I guess I will just have to be the sweet dog I am and let the new one type a couple times.

Love to all of you

Colby and Feta


After one of our bike rides


Cross-stitch Mom made, Grandpa F. made the frame

Car seat, stroller and changing table

Bouncy seat and quilts made by family members

Feta’s outline on the frosty deck

Hiking with Dad

Mom at 30 weeks


Mom at 33 weeks





4 years ago a very special puppy was born.  I can’t believe that it has been 4 years since Colby was born.   It doesn’t seem possible that he has been with me for that long already.  The last four years have gone by so quickly and Colby has changed so much.  He started out as an 8 pound bundle of cuteness, he is now almost 100 pounds of big dog.  He is still a cutie, he still loves to cuddle, and he definitely loves to play (and eat).  Colby is a great big brother to Feta, even though he would rather just play with us (or any human) he does have a good time with his sister.   I know that he will be an awesome big brother to the baby that will join us in a couple months.  He is going to be very jealous at first and probably pretty confused and maybe annoyed with the noises, but I know he will get over that quickly.  He will probably be a big protector of the baby.  I could even see him getting selfish and not letting anyone play with his baby.  



Hi everyone, Birthday boy here now.  I have had a great 3rd year of life.  We moved into a new house, which has so much room for me to run and play.  There are lots of bunnies, dogs, and other critters for me to either chase or watch.  Dad has taken me on lots of bike rides this year.  I love riding bike with Dad, except for the times when he almost runs over me (that may be because I stop to make sure he is still following me).  I also had a brother for a couple months this summer.  Porter could be fun in some ways, but I know he is better as my cousin, than as my brother.  Mom said that we will probably get to see him more this summer, and maybe take him swimming with us sometime.  

I had a good birthday.  Dad and Mom both had to work so I didn’t get to hang out with them all day.  Mom gave me extra treats in the morning, and then an extra scoop of food for dinner.  Then Dad gave me treats after dinner and I got to play with him a bunch.  

I can’t wait for the weather to get nicer so that we can go biking and hiking a lot more.   I would love to have everyone come and visit me.  The more people that are here, the more I get to play.  WOOHOO

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  LOVE YOU



P.S.  Feta says Hi and love you all too.  She also sends lots of puppy kisses your way.  🙂


This is Mommy at 6 months pregnant– Our baby brother or sister will be here before we know it.

Hiking and biking weekend.

Hey everyone.  We have had a very fun weekend.  The bad weather has stopped finally and the sun is shining, even though it is a bit chilly (highs are in the low 40’s) it was a beautiful weekend.  On Saturday, Dad and Mom took us down to the lower logging road to go for a hike.  Feta and I had a lot of fun.  We got to play in the creek and puddles along the way.  Feta made sure she found every puddle there was.  The water was pretty chilly, but we didn’t care, we love playing in the water.  There was lots of elk prints along the way, but we didn’t see any elk.  Dad said we were out at the wrong time to see any elk moving around.  Bummer, maybe next time.  We saw lots of flood damage to the trees and the creek.  Mom took some pictures of our hike, that is why she isn’t in any of the pictures. 


Hi everyone, Colby said I could write this part.  Dad took Colby and me biking today (Sunday).  This was a lot more work than the little hike we took yesterday.  Dad wanted to go to the hill across the valley from our house, to try to see our house.  We never go to see our house, but we saw our backyard.  This was a very long trip and my little legs were getting very, very, very tired.  Luckily I found a mud puddle to wallow in, to get my energy back.  I have wallowed in other puddles on hiking trips, but this is the first time I had my picture taken in one.  Don’t I look like the cutest little piggy ever?  Dad saw two deer being chased by a very large coyote, Colby and I didn’t see any of the chasing.  Mom said was probably a good idea, because then we would have wanted to join the chase and possibly become the chased.  I didn’t see a problem with it, it would have been fun to make some new friends.  Oh well, maybe next time.  We did get to see the top of Mt. St. Helens.  Since I was so tired, Dad took his time getting back to the truck.  I had to make lots of rest stops.  My little leg just didn’t want to work anymore.







We had a great weekend, and hope to have lots more great weekends throughout the year.  You should come out to visit us and we will show you such a good time.  I will teach you how to wallow in mud, after a long hike, the mud feels sooooo good.

Love you,

Colby and Feta

P.S. Baby "Jellybean" Frazier said to say hello and can’t wait to go on these hike and bike trips (and actually be able to see).  It also wants you all to know that it is happy and healthy in its home and can’t wait to come out and meet everyone.  🙂



Happy 2009 everyone.  Feta here, Colby let me type this one since he got to type the Christmas one.   Colby and I got to ring in the New Year with Dad and Mom, sort of.  We are all sleeping, but at midnight, some of the neighbors set off fireworks, which woke us all up.  We wished everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and went back to sleep.   This morning we woke Mom up to let us outside and we were surprised with about an inch of snow.  I was SOOOOO SUPERDUPER EXCITED.   I can’t believe we have snow again.  I LOVE SNOW!!   I turned into crazy snow Feta again.  I really wish this stuff would stay around forever.   Mom made us come inside and eat (I didn’t want to, but my stomach did).  We took our usual post breakfast nap (Colby and Me, not Mom) and then Mom got her snow gear on and went outside to play with us.  I was so excited, I didn’t know which way to go first, so I went everywhere.   Mom then got out the tennis ball shooter and Colby and I went nuts.  I had so much fun chasing the ball, picking it up and throwing it in the air.   I even got to eat the snow off of the ball, the snow would cling to the ball, which made it a little bit hard to find sometimes.   Then Mom brought out her camera, she loves taking pictures of us.  I wasn’t into pictures today, I just wanted to play play play play!   I hope this snow sticks around for a little bit, I don’t want it to melt like the other stuff did.  Mom said that it probably won’t be here for long, since the sun is shining and it is supposed to rain again soon.   She had a really big smile when she said the sun is shining,   I love the sun too, but not if it is going to melt my snow. 

Anyway, I got to go, the snow is calling my name.  Happy New Year everyone. 

Love ya lots !   Lots of licks to all.

Feta "the snow dog" Mae



Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to everyone.  I hope you all were good enough to get some great presents from Santa.  Feta and I got an awesome present, I will tell you about that in a bit.  Let’s start with Dec. 12,  that is when Mom and Dad were heading to the beach to go clam digging.  They dropped Feta and Me off at the doggie hotel and then they headed to the beach.  The whole drive there was very windy with a mix of rain and snow.  They were not looking forward to freezing their butts off at the beach!   They made it safely to the beach and actually had a lot of fun digging up clams, that was the first time Mom has done it and she really enjoyed it even though she doesn’t eat clams.  It started snowing Saturday night and all day Sunday.  They had to cut their trip a bit short and head back through the blowing snow to pick us up.  We were very happy to see them (we are always happy to see them).  From there we headed home in the snow, which turned to rain luckily.  That night it got just cool enough to start snowing again.  Dad and Mom were a little worried about driving down the hill to get to work.  Dad made it to work fine and Mom got the call that school was closed (WOOHOO).   The snow stopped that night, but temps were still below freezing and roads were a bit icy.  Dad made it to work again Tuesday morn.  and Mom went to work, but had a 2.5 hour delay to the day (so she technically didn’t work a whole day only half a day).  That night the snow started again.  Dad didn’t have to work on Wed, and Mom got another call saying school was closed for the day.  The next two days were about the same.  Snow was falling, Dad made it safely to work both Thurs. and Fri., while Mom got two more calls saying school was closed for the last two days before Christmas break.  So she got to work 1 half day during what was supposed to be a 5 day work week.  She was actually a little bummed about it, she now has to make those snow days up later in the year. 
Saturday morning, still snowing (we have about 8-10 inches of snow now) and Mom and Dad drive Feta and Me up to the doggie hotel again.  They then head over to Grandpa and Grandma’s house to have their early Christmas with the family.  They stay their for about an hour, watching the weather get worse.  They say goodbye and Merry Christmas to everyone, and head down to Portland to the hotel they are going to stay at for the night.  They wanted to stay at this hotel because it was close to the airport (oh, they are headed to Wisconsin for Christmas, did I forget to tell you this?) and it had a shuttle to the airport.  They made it to the hotel safely.  The trip down took almost 45 minutes longer than usual, and they saw about 5 cars in the ditch.  They got their room and tried to warm up for the ONE night stay.  All night they kept watching the weather get worse and worse, worrying about their flight the next day.  They fell asleep that night and woke up to…. more snow and freezing rain.  Their flight was supposed to leave at about 1pm.  All morning they kept their eye on the news and weather watching it get worse and seeing lots of morning flights get cancelled.  At about 9am, they got the call that their flight was cancelled.  Mom was very sad, she really wanted to get home for Christmas to see her family and for her family to see the baby bump.  Dad was on the phone for a long time trying to see what they could do.  Two choices, cancel the flight completely (with a full refund) or leave on the 23rd (Portland – San Diego – Chicago – Madison).  Knowing that the midwest was supposed to get some bad weather soon, they finally decided to cancel the whole trip.  So then they had to decide what to do for that night, they are still in a hotel room.  They decided to keep the room for another night, since there was freezing rain coming down everywhere they would have to drive.  They were bored out of their minds.  They actually walked to the hotel next door to buy some playing cards to pass the time.   They were a little worried they may have to spend another night in the hotel.   The next morning (22nd) they woke up and decided they couldn’t take the small hotel room anymore and packed up and left.  They then spent at least 30 minutes clearing the truck of the snow and ice that was layered on it.  The drive to pick us up was not too bad, considering what they had to drive in going down to Portland.  
We all made it safely back to our house that afternoon, hoping to not have to drive on the roads until Christmas Eve.  This is where Feta and My Christmas present came from.  Dad and Mom got to have Christmas with us, instead of us being stuck in the doggie hotel . 
The weather stayed very cold and a bit snowy throughout the week, making the trips for Christmas Even and Christmas day challenging.  Mom said Dad is her driving hero and very thankful that he got them everywhere they needed to go safely. 
The good news from all this snow and ice.  We got to play in the snow and even go sledding down our hill.  Feta and I had so much fun, especially when Dad made some paths for us to run around in the backyard.  The snow was at least a foot deep and Feta had a really hard time running in it.  She appreciated the paths the most.  We helped Dad build an igloo one day and then build and destroy a snowman the next day.  We love snow and wish it could stay here all the time, but only on the grass, not the roads.  Did you know that snow tastes really really really good.  Feta and I were eating it like doggie treats, we just couldn’t get enough of that sweet white stuff.   Mom took tons of pictures, so I will say goodbye for now and let you enjoy our pictures. 
Happy New Year everyone. 
The first pictures are of our new brother or sister and what Mom looked like on 12/7/08

Happy 3rd Birthday Feta

Yesterday was my 3rd birthday.  Can you believe how grown-up and mature I have gotten?  HEHEHEHEHE yeah right!  Me, grown-up and mature, NEVER!!!!!

Dad and Mom were home with me all day, they gave me almost all the love I need.  I also got to go outside a bunch of times and got a special birthday treat.  So far, my 3rd year of life is pretty good.  This last year has been a year of change for all of us.  We moved into a new house, which I LOVE.  It has my perfect backyard, one that it huge and has lots of bunnies in it.  We have also seen deer, cats, and lots of birds, so many animals, so few of me!   I also had a new brother (Porter) for a while.  He is now living with people who have cats, he is so lucky.  I sort of miss him bunches, he was always good for a fight.  I still have Colby here with me.  He has been a pretty good brother to me these last couple of years.  I totally rule the house, but every now and then I let my big brother protect me.  We also found out that Dad and Mom are bringing in another brother or sister, but we don’t get to see that one until next year sometime.  I hope this one doesn’t take up any of Mom and Dad’s love time for me. 

Here are the pictures of my 2+ years living with my awesome family. 

Getting home from the hospital a shy, cone puppy with 40+ stitches where my leg used to be.  I don’t miss that leg at all, it actually slowed me down a bit 🙂 

          Here are two pictures that show you how big I have gotten.  The first one is shortly after I became part of the family in San Antonio.  The second one is from last month, hiking near Mt. Rainier.  I almost look as big as Colby (he still has 40 lbs. on me)

Here is me showing Colby who is boss.

Here is one of my favorites of me (well actually all pictures of me are my favorite).


Mom and Me snuggling.

Colby and Me on one of our many hikes in the NorthWest.

Dad, Colby and Me biking.  I was dog tired in this picture. 

The best part about hiking or biking near water. SWIMMING!

Me giving Dad a kiss.

Hanging out with my two favorite boys.

Happy Birthday you cutie-pie puppy!!



New Addition

Here is the first picture of the new thing Dad and Mom are bringing into this house next year.   I don’t think it looks very friendly.  Mom says the next ultrasound is on Dec. 9 and that one will actually look a little bit more like the thing they are bringing here. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Stay tuned for the next post in about 2 weeks.  
Baby Frazier 9-23-08
Baby blanket from Aunt Lori  


Feta and I hope you all have a safe Halloween this year.   Mom did it to us again this year, she made us dress up.  Feta, of course got the cuter of the two outfits, because she is the favorite girl (Mom says that all the time).   Here are the pictures.



Feta got to be a pirate.  Mom was going to make a peg leg for her to wear also, but Feta refused to wear it, so Mom never made it.  We all think she looks cute enough without it.  Do you see her super cute parrot?   I actually think Feta would make a great pirate, she already knows how to growl like a pirate.  She shows us that anytime anyone goes near her food. 

My outfit!!  I definitely didn’t choose this outfit, but it does fit my place in this family.   I was the first baby here, and I will always be Dad and Mom’s baby.  No dog or human baby can ever take my place.  If anyone tries to take my place, I will…. ummm… yeah… probably let them, but that is only because I am the baby, and babies never really get what they want.   So Mom thought it would be cute to dress me up as her baby.  Let’s just say I don’t want to be this kind of baby, at least not the one that wears a diaper and has a pacifier!!  

Anyway, this was a short post, we have to go, lots of kids to scare and candy to eat.  Oh Feta wants to say something.  

ARRRRRRR— HAPPY HALLOWEEN— LICKETY LICK!  HEHEHEHEH LOVE YOU PEOPLE.  Aren’t I super cute (I really did like the costume, I was just making that face to look more like a pirate).   I think Johnny Depp needs a sidekick, I would love to run around the Caribbean.  

HAPPY HALLOWEEN.  Next up Thanksgiving and hopefully some pictures of this ‘baby’ thing that Dad and Mom are so excited about.  Whatever it is better not be cuter than me or Feta, and it better not try to eat any of our food. 

He’s here, he’s not here, he’s here, he’s not here… and now you want to add another??? MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!!!!!


Hi all– Sorry I didn’t post at the end of last month, Mom forgot to remind me (and I kind of forgot to remind her).  Anyway, things have been pretty darn good as of the last post.  Not a lot has happened since that last post, except for the removal of Porter (woohoo).  Dad’s sister was thinking about getting a dog for her family (which consists of almost all adults) but she didn’t want a puppy.   She thought Porter would be a good addition to her family.  Dad and Mom discussed this decision at length and in the end, decided that it would be best for everyone if that were to happen.  So about 2 weeks ago, Dad and Mom went to Mindy’s (Dad’s sister) house to help set up the dog run in her back yard.  I guess they had a lot of ‘fun’  and we will see how well they did (meaning will it keep Porter in?)  Then about 3 days later Dad and Mom took Porter up to his new family.


They were pretty sad about Porter leaving, but at the same time, some stress left also.  For one, my stress went down about 10 million percent.  That night, I actually could lay on my back and make my talky noises and Porter wasn’t in my face annoying me.  Dad and Mom were very nervous about the fact that Porter is a chomper, meaning his mouth is always going in a chomping sort of way.  Whatever gets near the chomper gets chomped, not that anyone got seriously injured by it, but with pending arrivals, the chomper was not a happy thought.   The one that was really, really sad about Porter leaving was Feta, she had a lot of fun wrestling around with Porter.  Now she is back to chewing on my neck, but I am okay with that.  I never really minded it anyway, I just pretended like I did (but don’t tell Feta I said that). 

So, things have been much calmer around the house.  Mindy has also called to say that Porter is adjusting very well to their household, even though the cats may not like him much, she said the human family likes him a lot and are even leaning toward the loving him side. 

I mentioned earlier that there was a pending arrival coming to our house, and no, they are not allowed to bring another animal into the house, I have warned them numerous times.   The pending arrival is what they are calling the baby?  I am not sure what one of those is, since I don’t think that I have ever seen one.  I have heard a baby crying on TV, Mom lets us know that is the noise that will be filling our house come the end of April.  I am not sure that I am okay with that noise.  I think I would rather have Porter back?  Okay, maybe not, but I don’t know about this baby thing.  Dad and Mom seem very excited about it.  Mom does tend to take more naps, which is good for me and Feta, we love napping with Mom.  She doesn’t let us crawl on her belly though, which, hello, how am I supposed to cuddle on you without laying on your belly???   Gosh.  I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with the baby.  Dad and Mom said to tell you that they have seen one ultrasound of their baby about a month ago, and then yesterday got to hear the heartbeat along with some serious karate chops the baby was doing!  Next month is the real ultrasound.  Hopefully they will have some pictures of this thing they call a baby, so I get to see what it looks like.


It is getting late, and I am getting very sleepy.  Feta is already zonked out on the couch, so she will not be writing tonight.  I hope everyone is doing well and saving up money to come and visit us here.  The trees are turning into beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red, and the mountains are getting a fine dusting of beautiful white snow!! 


Love to all,

Colby and Feta (and Baby)